LucyLucy Lou Cupcakes are the culmination of my passions for creativity, carpentry, love of food, and a desire to be my own boss. Inspired by Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars”, I realized that a gourmet cupcake business would be the perfect venue to combine my carpentry skills with my desire to put my creative ideas to work. After several months of experimental baking, I was convinced that I was baking some of the best cupcakes in the Madison area!

My Lucy Lou cupcakes contain real butter, grade A eggs, dutch processed cocoa, and fresh fruit. I am also happy to transform your creative requests into custom made cupcake cakes and cupcake displays. My goal is to make the best tasting cupcakes for the best price in the Madison area.

Why did we name ourselves Lucy Lou’s?

Our business is named after our black lab mix Lucy, who we used to call “Lucy-loo!!” to bring her into the house. Lucy died in 2008 after 13 years of chasing rocks, swimming in mudholes, and enjoying most any foods, including cupcakes!

Thank you for visiting my site. Remember: if you can dream it, I can bake it!


Andy Harris – owner, baker and carpenter for Lucy Lou Cupcakes.